We Got Your USB Hub Right Here!

4 Port USB Hub

4 Port USB Hub Need a few extra USB ports? Our 4 port USB hub will do the trick for you. At only $14.95 and with free shipping it is a steal!

$24.95 $14.95 Order 4 Port Hub

7 Port USB Hub

7 port USB hub Get access to the usb ports you need with the extreme 7 port powered usb hub. Hub is MAC and Windows compatible.

$39.95 $24.95 Order 7 Port Hub

USB Hubs

Let me guess, you need a USB hub because after you plugged in your printer, video game control, video camera, digital camera, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, ipod, portable hard drive and...well you get the picture. Most computers just don't come standard with enough usb ports which is what makes a USB port hub so important. So we are making it as simple as possible by offering only two USB Hubs. We tested over 50 different usb hub products out and these two were by far and away the best No matter how many devices you have running in your USB ports it always seems like you need more. Just add another hub to your computer and you're up and running..

USB 2.0 Hubs

We offer the 4 port usb hub and for those of you crazy people that have gone crazy with your plug and play devices we even offer a 7 port usb hub as well. Heck, buy two 7 port usb hubs and you will be set for life. All of our hubs are hi-speed USB 2.0 compatible, MAC and Windows compatible and plug and play, no drivers needed.



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